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Friday, 3 January 2014

click ni. boley menjana pendapatan. pastu ajak ag ramai2. hee

Friday, 27 December 2013

When I am about to write something on my blog, means that I am so annoyed. Doesn't even matter by who or who.
First thing first. I am never likey likey of getting back my test(s) paper. Never ever since I have a really bad issue of getting at least average score. Telling me myself that I not good enough in my study is always happen. Yet still being lazy all around. BUT! I am not influencing other to be lazy like me.

I am really really hate when some come to me and ask,
::Situation 1::
" Far, kau dah study?"
" Tak sentuh ap pon lagi"
" Tipu lah!"

Exactly! The "!" really exist on the sound.
So what ?!! If you do not really wanted to hear how I am going to answer, so do not ask me. Yet, you called me TIPU (lie) ?. You are freaking loser human being ever !

::Situation 2::
"Far, kau mesty dah study banyak kan?"
"Mane ader"
"Tipu la"

Again, what is your problem actually? Feeling not good enough when people study a lot than you?
Lantak pi lah!

Both situation seriously annoyed me much. These days lesser happen than those days back then. But what is I hate most. Discussion during test.

Yesterday, I tell a friend how I felt about being hateful to those who did that. I really really really am. Because ? Not because that I jealous-ed over you guys but it just not right at all. That is why you need to really know what you have studied especially if you need to derive or what. Then you have to memorize. But if you just memorize everything you might get blanked in exam. Try to relate whatever you have study in each chapters onwards. If you fail to relate, then datanglah penyakit nak discuss mase test.

Even worst, using whatever trick, including using hand phone. You jerk ! (sorry)

that all,,bye.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I know, it has been so lonely here at my blog. No one would bother me here. Definitely.
Its just, I have no idea what is happening these days. End of the era? I myself know what i meant.

Wahai Farhana masa depan..
kau masih berada di kedudukan sekarang kerana Allah mengizinkanya to happen kn? YA.
and for some reason, if not because manusia keliling kau (family and DIA) yang terus bertahan ngan kau, you are more than just nothing..
seriously,, take a look flash back.
Youa re wrong, Farhana Present.

Its because Allah. So dear people around. Its up to you what you want to do in life. as for me NO! but I cant. I always try to be a better one, it is just to hard. Same like I wanted to always be better for my mother. It ain't a day work. It has more than 5 years through. Alhamdulillah when I just do it right it felt totally better. Allah je yang tahu kan?

And again,
dear YOU, you don't have to blackmail me with some kind yang you will be gone one day. That day will come no matter what. The break? The death? The separation? Seriously I have maybe not thousandth or hundreds of them,, but 90 is good enuf?
Same like the way when I ask you what if I lost one day. You answered me with you have no idea.
And now. I can answer you with maybe I will felt nothing. Because I have expectation what you would do to me.

I have big instinct that the reason that you and I are knowing each other just to get you to right path. I am NOT the one who you can called your future partner.

It is nice, wonderful but yet no.

I have been through a lot of troubles which people always do not believe me instead say the other way happen. I know myself (yeah maybe they better know me, but) but indirectly people do not believe me too. No difference.

I may treated people bad but I know what i am doing (mostly)

Then end.
La tahzan.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Indahnya :)


Berikutan kepada kejadian malam tadi, aku sedar sendiri apa yang aku lakukan malam tadi adalah,, wat??

Apapun, terima kasih kepada mama, baba, and bdk Kit sbb xlayan semua call, dan SMS-es saya. Lantas membuatkan saya berfikir.

Saya ada apa? Apa yang selalu menjaga saya? Yang sentiasa menyelamatkan saya? Mudah.

ALLAH. Saya ada Allah.

Kalau saya cakap saya takut malam itu. Ya! Benar, takut itu fitrah manusia. Tapi adalah lebih baik jika takut itu hanya kepada Allah. Kenapa nak text dan call orang? Kalau dah namanya yang menyelamatkan aku malam itu,  ialah Allah? Adakah aku tidak yakin bahawasanya Allah itu di mana mana?

Sedangkan "terlepasnya" aku juga kerana Allah. Ayat Kursi yang aku baca itu adalah kalam Allah. Sedangkan mahkluk itu takut pada Allah, mengapa aku tidak? "mereka" tidak takut pada aku, mengapa aku?

Islam itu suatu agama penyerahan. Aku sepatutnya menyerahkan selebih malam ku kepada Allah. Bukan dengan mengganggu hamba-hambanya yang sedang berehat kan?

Apa nak jadi?

Fikirkanlah, jangan hanya duduk dan ikut apa yang semua orang lain buat. Jangan sesakali aku jadikan agama itu sebagai suatu adat. Buat dan berfikir setiap logiknya dan juga kebaikkannya.

Seronok rasanya tengah hari tadi. well, aku bukan sahaja dah lama tak pergi ke kelas kelas rohani ni, baru aku sedar yang aku ni, masuk ke ruma Allah pun dah lama tak buat. Rasa diri aku ni terlalu jauh dari Allah. Perkara pertama yang aku sendiri tak tahu nak cakap ap, Aku melangkah masuk, hati aku tenang. Subhanallah. Sangat tau. Dan tersenyum.

Allah huakbar. Aku suka.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

kucing yang gila!